Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Snow.

     Oh, sorry about not blogging 'Everyday'. I've realized it's hard to do being a full time design college student as well as balancing social time. I try my best though. 

     I have news! For the first time (that I can recall) it snowed in October. Not a few flurries, but a substantial amount of snow; enough to create a blanket over my campus. It was quite remarkable because the leaves are still turning colors and have yet to fall. There was a nice contrast between the vibrant leaves and the sparkling white snow. It was certainly a first for me. 
     Also during the day of the storm we had our last home college football game. It was ridiculous! Hardly any students went. I ended up forcing one of my friends to come with me to the game, for you see, I love the snow and do not allow it from stopping me to do what I want. Besides "amazing things happen when it snows", quoted by Lorelei Gilmore. 

Sorry for the mediocre photos, I didn't want to take my good camera out in the snow. 

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