Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Holiday break to remember.

     Waking up Thanksgiving morning and not being able to breath or swallow well could very much scare a person, and so it did. I've had a cough the past few weeks but thought nothing of it and blamed it on the season change. Boy, was I wrong. It now turns out that I am fighting viruses and my immune system is not doing so hot. Fantastic, not. I am now refined to the walls of my dorm and allowed an occasional break from the barriers only when class is in session. Any other time I must remain in my quarters as a prisoner.
     Even though I missed the big dinner, I was able to capture a few shots while I was home. For when I am fully 100% myself again and off all of the medications, I may be able to recall bit by triggering my sense of imagery.

It seems as if there was a lot of cookie making with a dash of firetruck? Who knows.

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