Saturday, November 19, 2011

Glorious Laundry Days.

front shattered out.

     I swear, every time I do my laundry there is a tour going on and they bring the tourist to the residence hall that I live in. It is the same person that is giving the tour too. It may be a strange coincidence but it is still creepy none the less. All the parents and prospective students just look at you like you're on display. I feel like a fish at the pet store, floating around from washer to dryer with the people staring through the glass. Then they wave and chuckle as if I cannot comprehend them. Oh, when you're done with your laundry and try to get out the door, forget it. There's no use trying.
     Now another little dilemma is that only eight out of twelve washer work. They post signs on them say "Machine out of order -do not use," but what do people do? they use them and then end up breaking even more. All this meaning, instead of it not working for, let's say, three days it will not be out of use for about two weeks. In the meantime the other machines will hardly get any break from their jobs causing them to become out of order. By the time it's all said and done, there may be two machines working. Gotta love laundry days.



  1. xD I SO AGREE ABOUT THOSE TOURS! OMFG, they look at you like you're an alien, they wave at you like you're stupid. they say hi as if it were some ghetto speed dating set-up.
    But hey, once you live in New Upper, you really get away from all of that. People are smarter, more mature, and things break alot less often. elevators included.
    However this benefit is simultaneously a negative aspect. If you stay in New Upper for too long, you begin to feel very cut-off, and seperated from society.

    Moral of this comment;
    Get a shit load of friends, and then move into New upper.

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