Monday, November 21, 2011

This isn't high school anymore.

     This is college, not high school. The fact that people are still belittling others to make them feel superior is a straight shame. You do not need to be going around picking out the flaws of every human being, say how much better you are of them, and you should not be judging people before you meet them. This, college, is where we begin our lives for the real world. 
     In the real world the way someones nose is structured is not going to matter. In the real world it will not matter if a woman has some peach fuzz on her face or upper lip. In the real world it is not going to matter if you partied and was with the in-crowd at college. 
     What is going to matter is a persons' personality, grades, profession skills, workmanship, social interaction skills, etc. So, these people that are trying to make themselves feel better by putting others down need to be careful. Because one day, that girl you made fun of for the most random of reasons, she may end up being the one to hire you, and let's just say she may have forgave you but she never forgot.

scale of 1-10 : 2.5?

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