Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Second Chances.

     So today something amazing happened. A person was given a second chance, at life. I don't plan to go into details, but someone I know was in a recent car accident and has been in the hospital ever since. This morning they were thought to have past away. Word spread and friends and family were in an upset from the news, like most would. However, a few hours later it was said that he started breathing. Crazy, right?! My thoughts exactly!
     He was very fortunate to have a second chance at life. Yet it showed me how fortunate we are to even get a second chance. Most of the time we're only given one chance to prove ourselves, and that's it. It's rare that we ever are given a second or third. The whole situation just made me think how fortunate I am and that I am given many chances in life. I don't know about you but from here on out I'm taking every chance I get. 

Otter: We adopted him and gave him as second chance.

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