Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Alteration.

July 21, 2007 - The day that changed my life. 
      The people that know what this date means to me understand, and those that don't know shall never need to know. 
     What happened on this day I sometimes speak of, but the effect it had to me I rarely speak of. It was life changing and I always wonder what my life would be life if the actions that happened on that day never took place. Would I be who I am today? How would I be different, for surely I would have never learned the lessons that I did, if it were not for that day. My morals would be dramatically different, I feel. I would have never been as successful. Then again maybe I would be even more successful. 
     Many questions come to mind when I revisit the date of July 21, 2007, but there is one question that will forever be unanswered; Why?

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  1. Your amazing. I don't know what happened but whatever it is I'm glad you know how to handle it well (: