Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm not. I'm going to take it old school and start writing in my journal again...

But I may still post a few photos on here every once and a while.. so keep checking back :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Back.

Alright, so after a few month break of blogging, I want to get back into it. I'm done with Facebook and just need another place to go to get things out.

So, once again, here is my life as a college girl.


Updates coming soon to the page.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm scared to love.

I'm scared. It's that simple.
I do not enjoy relationships and I get out of them before the guy leaves me. I do not feel comfortable having feelings for a guy.
I'm afraid of love because I have already lost so much.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I did what I wanted; but it's not what I wanted.

Roughly, two months ago I stated that I wanted to change. I did. I changed. The emotions I got from this change is not what I wanted though. I wanted to feel better about myself; where, instead, I lost myself. So, if you see my old self walking around could you please tell them that I want them back? I miss them.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not myself anymore.

I don't know what's going on with my life anymore but I am not myself anymore. I don't know how to explain it but nothing is what it use to be. I need to talk to someone but I don't know who. I normally do not talk to anyone because I don't want them have to deal with my issues because I'm sure they are dealing with some of their own issues. It's all this big complicated circle that I do not, have any clue, as to how I can go about fixing things. At college I don't want to open up to anyone, because I'll get attached and start creating strong bonds and I don't want that because it's already going to be hard when I leave for Oklahoma, I don't want it to be any more difficult or emotional than what it is already. I personally am not sure if I want to go to OU. I feel as though I have to because my father wants me to go so badly, and so does my brother.. And my dad is already going through a rough time; I don't want to hurt his heart anymore. He's my best friend, and I don't enjoy seeing my friends hurting. I'm thee kind of person that will go out of their way just to make someone else happy, even if it isn't my fault that they aren't happy.

On top of all of this, things from my past keep popping up from my past that I really do not want to deal with. They're painful memories that I wanted to leave in my past for a reason.. I don't want them back. As cliche as this sounds, I feel so lost.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowfall Photoshoot.

     I am now back on my college campus (thank goodness) and one of the first things we did was have a 'photo shoot' in the recently fallen snow. It was a light snow fall, around 3 inches or so.
     If you have read my previous post about snow, you should know that I am OBSESSED with snow! I love it, where as a lot of people do not care for it at all. Oh well, it's their loss.
     Anyways, here are a few shots from our snowy adventure.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Home made spring rolls.

Being in Oklahoma city, one has the chance to see a variety of culture. My brother and sister-in-law took me to this Vietnamese restaurant, for breakfast. Yes, I said breakfast. You're probably thinking "what is there even avaiable for breakfast. Well, to settle your thoughts we ended up eating the lunch menu (there was no breakfast menu.)
     They introduced me to a dish that I have never consumed before, ______________ . It was amazing! the broth, noodle, brisket, chives, and cilantro blending together perfectly.

After our breakfast/lunch was finished we went to a Vietnamese supermarket. This I was somewhat prepared for. I assumed that it would be similar to china town of New York. I was right in some aspects but not all. There was produce and other goods. As for the meat... it all was pretty basic until it came to the fish. Some was cut, others were still whole, but then there was a new one I have not seen. There were massive amounts of fish tanks with fish swimming around. It was certainly interesting.
      Anyways, the reason we went there was to gather supplies to make our own spring rolls. Making them turned out to be remarkable easy.

First gather all preferred ingredients. We chose shrimp, lettuce, noodles, mint, cilantro, and pickled vegetables. 

Take a rice  tortilla and soak it in water for a few short seconds and then lay it on a flat clean surface/cutting board.

Then place the (in our case) the shrimp a lower portion of the wrapping, about 1.5 inches from the bottom. *The reason we layed the shrimp down first is because this will be the part showing after it is rolled. *

Then add the noddles and any other ingredients you would like. You could also try substituting rice for the noodles.

Next step is to fold in each side like a burrito.

Then starting from the bottom, tightly roll up, making sure the sides stay folded in.

Once rolled, place on a platter and enjoy! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just a quick post | Weiner Doggies!

Shelby trying to help me with my online conversations

With staying at my brother's place in Oklahoma , not only do I get the company of him and my sister-in-law, but also their two children (dachshund pups) named Shelby and Charlie. 

Charlie is much more reserved and mellow compared to Shelby (in the photo above) whom is an attention craver. Now grant it Charlie is older than Shelb by a few years so that may have a lot to do with it. Anyways, I feel there may be a photo shoot coming soon featuring Mr Charlie and Ms Shelby. So, keep and eye out, because both of these pups are very photogenic ;P

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Furry Find.

Hello all! Blogging from Oklahoma at the moment. Now, even though I am in a different state, the pictures you are about to see were taken back home. Photo credit goes to Ms. Chelsea, blogger of Organized Mess ( )
     The vest I found at Forever21 on clearance for five dollars (great bargain)! I always tend to get compliments on it, and when mentioning how much it cost they seem to like it even more. I wear it every once in a while because I don't want to wear out it's affect. But, come on now, who doesn't like a great bargain?

 The brick building we found while shopping at the Vintage Corner Boutique in Leymone PA. I am personally a fan of brick structures because of the vibrant rust color. While there we took a few snap-shots of the building/rubble. 

What Great bargains have you found?!
And also, what's your favorite place to take photos?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Packing 101 | Trip to Oklahoma

So this winter break I have the privilege of flying to Oklahoma and residing with my half brother for a week's time. I'm crazy excited and have been talking about it non-stop; I'm sure my mother was becoming annoyed.

Along with the trip comes the most fun part, packing, not. I'm horrible at choosing what to bring, but I must say that with each trip I take, I become much better and have even picked up a few tid-bits.

For starters,  the order of packing is the number one thing. Make sure to pack any undergarments, socks, and jammies. Two reasons for this; A) So you do not have one of the epidemics where traveling through the airport and your suitcase comes undone, allowing for all you undergarments to come spewing out. B) You know they're already packed and won't forget them later on.

Next step, lay out multiple outfits, making sure that they can be mixed and matched, so more than one outfit can be made (especially good for longer trips.) Also, make sure to have one nice/semi-formal outfit for a night out or a nice dinner. 

 Third thing is the shoes! I'm a girl that loves shoes, but if I were to take my whole shoe collection I would need at least two more suitcases. Anyways, the choices of shoes for a trip should be neutral tones. For this trip I am taking my black and brown boots. I also took a pair of red TOMS for a casual and comfy shoe.

 Finally, THE ACCESSORIES! I'm a huge scarf fan (I'm wearing one while I sit her and type this.) Also, any bags or jewelry that you may want to bring and then any toiletries one may need.

 Hope this was helpful! Happy travels!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Casual tuesdays.

I love getting dressed up on certain occasions but I also enjoy those casual days as well. For my casual and relaxed days I can be caught wearing a basic tee, jeans, a few accessories, all with a comfy shoes (or no shoes at all.)

 Jeans - Hollister clearance : 15.95
Necklace - Forever21 : 6.80
Tee - Forever21 : 4.80
Sperry's - DSW : 79.95

Game night with the best.

     Just a few shots of family game night with my 'brother' and 'sister'.

Some people were sore losers as well as sore winners...