Friday, October 28, 2011

Patiently Waiting.

     It is said that we will be receiving the first snowfall of the season in a few moments. So, I am patiently sitting here, looking out the window at my surroundings, waiting to see the first snowflake fall. We are expected to get anywhere from 2-4 inches which I doubt, but I am willing to take anything I can get. I'll be happy if we even get one inch.
    Which brings me to another scenario; marriage, or at least becoming engaged. A while back I started having this idea that if a guy would ever want to marry me the engagement ring would have to compose the form of a snowflake. Reason being is that I love the snow and quoting Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls "amazing things happen when it snows." This is completely true. I can't depict any specific example but great things always happen to me during the snowy wintery months. 
     So, here I sit. Patiently waiting for the first snowfall, as well as my future husband to pop the question with the perfect ring. Either way "amazing things happen when it snows."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rain & Worms.

     Call me crazy but one thing I miss about Pa is that when it rains the worms come out. Not in NJ. I was on my way to class this morning and it was raining; ground soaked, puddles forming, the whole sha-bang. Yet there was not a single worm in sight. It didn't even smell like worms. It just smelled wet. 
     I was upset. Not that I find the smell of worms appealing, but it was still disappointing. It's these little things that make me miss good Ole' Strinestown. What I miss the most though is being able to see the stars. Here, there's so much light pollution its hard to see anything except and orange glow. Guess that's what I get for leaving the countryside and heading to the city.
Rain. Photo by KG

Monday, October 24, 2011

Steamy Breath.

     So it happened today, at 8:11am to be exact. I saw my breath. You know, when it gets so cold that when you breath outwards the water vapors of your hot exhale can be seen. The best way I believe it can be described is a fire-breathing dragon, minus the fire. 
     But anyways, it happened, and you know what that means? Well if I was at home, I would be getting ready for the final bonfire, thinking about where to get our Christmas tree, raking leaves, filling bird feeders and putting corn out for the deer so they can get fat for winter. Also having flannel Fridays at school. There's so much that changes once the weather becomes cool. You know what else it means when you can see your breath? It means winter is sneaking up on us; and that my friends is a different blog post in itself.

 We all do it. Exhale a heavy hot breath onto a chilled window and then draw on it. Then within the minute our mothers yell at us for doing it, saying how much of a buggar it is to clean and how we're making it all smuggy. Oh well, it never stops us from doing it. I guarantee many adults still partake is this simple activity. 

Fuel: Illustration Friday Oct. 24.2011

Illustration Friday : Word of the week "fuel"
Comments appreciated.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Signatures.

     These past few days I've gotten many compliments on my scarves. I think they are really starting to become a part of my 'look'; they're an unwritten signature. Other signatures I have established is the camera girl, at my old high school. I would always have a camera with me, where ever I was: hallways, gym class, sporting events, musical, cafeteria. There were even times where it went into the bathroom, but it was strictly yearbook reasons, I wasn't that much of a creep.
     How does one establish these signatures, where does it all begin. Think about it, what is your signature? When this first come about?
     I think our signatures are what add the finishing touch to who we are. It completes us. They're our signatures.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Spotlight Moment.

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday. Cleaning for room inspections took up my time.

     Now down to business; tonight on ABC the Keefer family's house appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was lucky enough to help out. The family is so delightful and caring from what I was told. I'm glad they were given the opportunity.
     It was also a great opportunity for everyone involved, not only because they were helping a family in need but also because they had their small chance in the spotlight. They had the chance to be on television. Even thought they may be on tv for a millisecond, they were on tv. 
Photos by KG and William Blake
     Another chance arose for me to be on television when MTV U came to my campus and were promoting the 90's Nicolodeon shows. They were asking everyone what their favorite show was from the 90's along with several other questions. The line to do this grew throughout the day and people ended up waiting close to an hour to get their 30secs of fame. 
     Maybe being on national television isn't for everyone, but that still doesn't mean that they cannot have a moment to shine. While leaving MTV U I ran into two friends and I happened to have my SLR camera. The two of them being so photogenic wanted to partake in a photo shoot right then and there. So we did. The shots ended up being pretty phenomenal and I look forward to many more shoots with them. 

     Another moment in the spotlight goes to my old high school when they beat an undefeated team, and is now number one in their division. Let me also state that We have only had football at the varsity level for 5 years, going on 6. Congrats boys, you're making history. 

     Life is short, and I believe that everyone should have the chance to shine and be a star. Even if it is something as simple as a backyard photo shoot. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extra Something.

     Ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper: they all give that little kick when eating a bland concoction of foods. Even peanut butter or syrup gives a plate that extra something.  I'm personally a ketchup fan and a Nuetella fan for when my sweet tooth wakes up. Whoever created these are geniuses. I ponder on the thought of if they would ever think that their personal creation would become oh so popular. Either way I'm enjoying it.
     The extra somethings could even be a treat that you give yourself after have a hard class or a stressful day at work. For reasons being, every Wednesday I treat myself to either a Snickers, Startbucks, or this really good lemonade peach tea that they serve on my college campus. Next time your having a rough time, splurge on yourself and get a little something extra as a treat. Photos by KG

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awkward Turtle.

     I both witnessed two and partook in an awkward moment within the last 24hrs. Neither one did extreme harm to anyone, they were just, well, awkward. The one that triggered this idea of a post was the one that I witnessed, It happened to a friend of mine later in the evening. I have a hunch that there is even more to the awkwardness then what I could see with the human eye. Anyways, the basics of it was that there are interloping relationships between a series of people relating of both genders. All the people involved in this mess of a web ended up in one single elevator at the same time. Not only was it awkward for my friend, but also a strange vibe was given to the other passengers. Needless to say, no one was putt-sing around when it came to their floor. In the end it gave my friend and I a laugh ( maybe more so me than her).
Hope they enjoyed the tea.
     Another moment took place last night during the visitation to another dorm. I'll keep this one simple. They forgot to clean a few things up after they had the runaround with a significant other. 
     Now onto the my personal awkward moment of the day. Just as and fyi I'm often seen in my residents hall first floor lounge in the same chair everyday. I have even received the name of the girl with the purple headphones since I'm always wearing them while there but that's beside the point. Today though I go there rather early. So early that I guarantee that 70% of the campus was still asleep and not planning on waking up any time soon. So, I'm sitting there and this fellow student passed by and we looked at each other at the exact same time. That itself is awkward, but it gets better. She was in normal attire, but you could tell it was slept in. It wasn't freshly put on and it was somewhat stretched. Here hair was a bit ruffled and that is when the thought pops into a persons head, "Late night study session" *wink wink*; and the fact that there was eye contact made she knew that I now knew. The poor girl then scurried off in shame almost as if she were a mouse. 
     It's these awkward moments that will either make up embarrassed or thankful, either way they are small learning experiences.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Special Spot.

     Everyone has one, a place that we go to in order to escape reality. It’s our special spot. As children we used our creativity to take us to our spot. Wherever we were at ( i.e. the car seat, dinner table, at the store with mom) we could go to our spot in a blink of an eye and it would take us to the most miraculous places. Unfortunately, as we grew older we let our creativity boil down and pushed it to the back burner. Leading us to the need of creating a literal special spot.
     As a PA girl studying in Jersey I had to give up my “spot” back home in order to pursue my dreams. To those that know Jersey is nothing like PA’s small towns. Luckily, I was able to find a spot on campus that brought nostalgia of my “spot” to me. For even a slight second it allows me to break away from the business of the Jersey world and embrace the worry free aura it presents. I fret to tell anyone of it, for if they were to find out it may be polluted with other human bodies. So I changed the idea of it. It’s my secret special spot

Photos by KG

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Fall.

Zentagle in the form of a leaf.
Here's to the first post!

     Today, as I was walking on my college campus it hit me. It's fall. Not the fall that when it is September 23rd and everyone says it is fall, but true fall. There are leaves changing colors as well as falling to the ground. And when that one slight gust of wind makes your nose tingle. The tingle you get when it's fall. It's not as sharp as the winter's air, or as rich as a summer's breeze, but the in between state. It's fall.