Sunday, November 20, 2011

NYC | Spur of the moment.

     I honestly do not know where to begin but how about I start from yesterday evening at dinner. I was in the dinning hall and several friends were around. I was not having a great day because of other things that came up earlier in the day. Next thing I know they asked, do you want to go to New York City, right now? I was taken back at first and thought they were joking. They were not, and before I knew it I was on a train to Time Square.
     While we were getting ready to get on the train we were checking departure schedules to see what train time we needed to get back home. The next train coming back on to campus was not until 7:15... the next morning. We all were baffled and did not know what to say, so we just laughed, continuously. There was no turning back now, we were off to the big apple.
     On arrival we had no plan except to head to Times Square, and that's how most of the night went, unplanned and on a whim. We made it to the heart of the city and then decided to go see the tree. Grant it, it was not lit but it was nice just seeing it. Then we needed some grub.
     We hit up Applebee's in TS and apparently it is the worlds largest Applebee's. Our waitress, Sarah, was freaking amazing; she's our girl. The best part of the dinner was when my friend Will and myself decided to make it someones birthday. The lucky contestant was Nick. He had no idea it was coming. The waiting staff came and was singing and clapping the whole third floor was watching. He was in shock and face turned a cherry red. It was great. Will and I died laughing.
     After dinning out we hit up the movies,. I'm not entirely sure what we watched, I fell asleep after the previews and they woke me up as they were walking out. It was a nice nap though.
     Then after the movies we were just walking around seeing all NYC had to offer. There was a balloon artist that made Philicia and myself an object. He was quite the flirt and tried to get me to kiss him. I passed on the offer and told him maybe when I'm older. Jokingly of course.
     The rest of the evening we chilled at random places until it came time to head to the train station and then back home. I'm sure there are other events that happened that I could talk about but I feel that I have shared enough. Either way, the adventure got my mind off things and an experience I will never forget.

     P.S. Thank you guys for taking me. If I do end up going to Oklahoma, there is no way in hell that I will ever forget you.


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  2. This seems like an amazing life experience. One of my guy friends has done something like this- drove 14 hours just to go home in Texas for a long weekend. Everything looks absolutely amazing. A random trip is SO going on my college "bucket" list.