Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Confusion.

     So, at this moment in time I am very confused at what I want. I'm catching myself contradicting things I say on a regular basis and it doesn't feel good when I do. It is as if I am lying to myself. 
     I keep thinking it all through, and by the time I'm halfway through thinking about whatever it is  I am thinking of I either become aggravated or my mind and thoughts become mush. Either way, I do not feel well. 
     Why do we have to be confused. Can we just not know the answer immediately? Most of the time I do know the right answer, but then when emotions are added into the mix things become sketchy and questionable, leading into the confusion of it. 
     Now did any of that make sense? Or did I confuse you as well?

1 comment:

  1. As you go through life, and you begin living different lifestyles, seeing things from other people's perspectives, etc., you learn universally to just stop asking so many questions, and just relax, to just chill about everything. I've been "winging" my way through life for a very long time now, and I question everyday what is right, and what is wrong. What IS "acceptable", and what isn't? Definitions for very basic adjectives become very loose, very liberal, and vary to the extremes, in terms of thought. As long as what you're doing makes somebody happy, you're ok whether it's yourself or somebody else. and even then, is it even important that anyone is happy at all? or is it the "right" thing to make sure that nobody is "happy" about whatever?

    Just relax, and live life for yourself, unless that isnt what you "want" to do.