Thursday, December 1, 2011

December First | My favorite time of the year.

     This is my absolute favorite time of the year, by far. For most it is the actual day of a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years but for me I'm all about the in between part. Now, here on campus this in between part can become a bit stressful due to final exams and wondering whether or not we're going to pass the class but that is a horse of a different color.
     At this time, I feel as if everyone forgets about their sorrows and just starts to enjoy the company of others. Maybe I'm completely wrong and it is the total opposite, either way it does not affect how I feel. I love all the joyful music and smiles that I see when I'm out and about. I love being able to say happy holidays to any person that happens to pass by, and then they get this slight smile. Being able to donate my loose change to the Salvation Army member wringing their bell non-stop. The warm rich smell filling my nose as I walk into my house. Crisp white falling snow. Being able to fall asleep by the wood burning fireplace at my father's house while having the cats curl up next to me. Sipping hot chocolate and almost burning my tongue, waiting impatiently for the lighting of the tree. Streaming popcorn and dried fruit for the outdoor tree that we put up for the birds. I love it. It's my favorite time of the year.

French vanilla hot cocoa <3


  1. Love the is making me thirsty :-)

  2. Happy December Katie! I agree, this is my favorite time of the year as well. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth