Monday, October 24, 2011

Steamy Breath.

     So it happened today, at 8:11am to be exact. I saw my breath. You know, when it gets so cold that when you breath outwards the water vapors of your hot exhale can be seen. The best way I believe it can be described is a fire-breathing dragon, minus the fire. 
     But anyways, it happened, and you know what that means? Well if I was at home, I would be getting ready for the final bonfire, thinking about where to get our Christmas tree, raking leaves, filling bird feeders and putting corn out for the deer so they can get fat for winter. Also having flannel Fridays at school. There's so much that changes once the weather becomes cool. You know what else it means when you can see your breath? It means winter is sneaking up on us; and that my friends is a different blog post in itself.

 We all do it. Exhale a heavy hot breath onto a chilled window and then draw on it. Then within the minute our mothers yell at us for doing it, saying how much of a buggar it is to clean and how we're making it all smuggy. Oh well, it never stops us from doing it. I guarantee many adults still partake is this simple activity. 

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