Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rain & Worms.

     Call me crazy but one thing I miss about Pa is that when it rains the worms come out. Not in NJ. I was on my way to class this morning and it was raining; ground soaked, puddles forming, the whole sha-bang. Yet there was not a single worm in sight. It didn't even smell like worms. It just smelled wet. 
     I was upset. Not that I find the smell of worms appealing, but it was still disappointing. It's these little things that make me miss good Ole' Strinestown. What I miss the most though is being able to see the stars. Here, there's so much light pollution its hard to see anything except and orange glow. Guess that's what I get for leaving the countryside and heading to the city.
Rain. Photo by KG

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  1. Rain is about to turn to snow this weekend and I am not ready. Hopefully the worms are