Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awkward Turtle.

     I both witnessed two and partook in an awkward moment within the last 24hrs. Neither one did extreme harm to anyone, they were just, well, awkward. The one that triggered this idea of a post was the one that I witnessed, It happened to a friend of mine later in the evening. I have a hunch that there is even more to the awkwardness then what I could see with the human eye. Anyways, the basics of it was that there are interloping relationships between a series of people relating of both genders. All the people involved in this mess of a web ended up in one single elevator at the same time. Not only was it awkward for my friend, but also a strange vibe was given to the other passengers. Needless to say, no one was putt-sing around when it came to their floor. In the end it gave my friend and I a laugh ( maybe more so me than her).
Hope they enjoyed the tea.
     Another moment took place last night during the visitation to another dorm. I'll keep this one simple. They forgot to clean a few things up after they had the runaround with a significant other. 
     Now onto the my personal awkward moment of the day. Just as and fyi I'm often seen in my residents hall first floor lounge in the same chair everyday. I have even received the name of the girl with the purple headphones since I'm always wearing them while there but that's beside the point. Today though I go there rather early. So early that I guarantee that 70% of the campus was still asleep and not planning on waking up any time soon. So, I'm sitting there and this fellow student passed by and we looked at each other at the exact same time. That itself is awkward, but it gets better. She was in normal attire, but you could tell it was slept in. It wasn't freshly put on and it was somewhat stretched. Here hair was a bit ruffled and that is when the thought pops into a persons head, "Late night study session" *wink wink*; and the fact that there was eye contact made she knew that I now knew. The poor girl then scurried off in shame almost as if she were a mouse. 
     It's these awkward moments that will either make up embarrassed or thankful, either way they are small learning experiences.  

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