Monday, October 17, 2011

Special Spot.

     Everyone has one, a place that we go to in order to escape reality. It’s our special spot. As children we used our creativity to take us to our spot. Wherever we were at ( i.e. the car seat, dinner table, at the store with mom) we could go to our spot in a blink of an eye and it would take us to the most miraculous places. Unfortunately, as we grew older we let our creativity boil down and pushed it to the back burner. Leading us to the need of creating a literal special spot.
     As a PA girl studying in Jersey I had to give up my “spot” back home in order to pursue my dreams. To those that know Jersey is nothing like PA’s small towns. Luckily, I was able to find a spot on campus that brought nostalgia of my “spot” to me. For even a slight second it allows me to break away from the business of the Jersey world and embrace the worry free aura it presents. I fret to tell anyone of it, for if they were to find out it may be polluted with other human bodies. So I changed the idea of it. It’s my secret special spot

Photos by KG

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