Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tree Picking.

     First full day back in PA and the first thing we do this morning is to cut down our Christmas tree. Yes, it is somewhat late to be getting a tree, but it is always better late than never. Besides being late, we, more like my mother, brought the canine along. Don't get me wrong about him. I love the dog to death but it limits us to two people instead of three.
     We were able to load the tree atop our Santa Fe and was on the road in no time. About a mile down the road we took a turn a bit to sharp, and yes, the tree came off. Fortunately it did not come all the way off, but was holding on by one of the lines we used to fasten it to the luggage rack. Within minutes we were back at it again and home before we knew it.
     By mid morning we were back at home, all tuckered out and in need of a break. Now it is time for decorating.. but that is another task in itself.

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