Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating the Dorm

Since it is that time of year I decided to decorate my dorm. Now grant it, I am limited on space but I feel that I made due with what I had. Hung some lights as well as my stocking above my bed. I even found a small light up tree that is sitting atop my desk. I also found some small ornaments to had on it. I recently purchased a red scarf and I only got to wear it once because it is now wrapped around the bottom of the tree for a realistic Christmas tree feel. Lastly I found some cute snowflakes and put them across the top of my desk to give it some winter wonderland teasing (because that last time it snowed was October, and I have yet to see another flake.)
     I also decorated the boys dorms. They chose colored lights and some garland. The lights are still up but unfortunately the garland was to have and fell in the midst of them sleeping. Needless to say it was quite upsetting when they awoken. Okay, maybe they didn't say those exact words, but I know that's how they felt deep deep down.
    As much decorating as I did nothing can actually compare to decorating a real home. But I guess for this year and the next three years I will have to make due with the substitution of decorating a dorm.

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