Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Packing 101 | Trip to Oklahoma

So this winter break I have the privilege of flying to Oklahoma and residing with my half brother for a week's time. I'm crazy excited and have been talking about it non-stop; I'm sure my mother was becoming annoyed.

Along with the trip comes the most fun part, packing, not. I'm horrible at choosing what to bring, but I must say that with each trip I take, I become much better and have even picked up a few tid-bits.

For starters,  the order of packing is the number one thing. Make sure to pack any undergarments, socks, and jammies. Two reasons for this; A) So you do not have one of the epidemics where traveling through the airport and your suitcase comes undone, allowing for all you undergarments to come spewing out. B) You know they're already packed and won't forget them later on.

Next step, lay out multiple outfits, making sure that they can be mixed and matched, so more than one outfit can be made (especially good for longer trips.) Also, make sure to have one nice/semi-formal outfit for a night out or a nice dinner. 

 Third thing is the shoes! I'm a girl that loves shoes, but if I were to take my whole shoe collection I would need at least two more suitcases. Anyways, the choices of shoes for a trip should be neutral tones. For this trip I am taking my black and brown boots. I also took a pair of red TOMS for a casual and comfy shoe.

 Finally, THE ACCESSORIES! I'm a huge scarf fan (I'm wearing one while I sit her and type this.) Also, any bags or jewelry that you may want to bring and then any toiletries one may need.

 Hope this was helpful! Happy travels!


  1. Wow! You're way more organized at packing than I am haha! I just throw everything in my suitcase:) its kind of bitter sweet leaving for college again. I'm leaving this Friday. Good luck with the upcoming semester!

  2. I love traveling so I'm a pro at packing my suitcase! These are some good tips! Have a great trip and thanks for following my blog!

  3. Great tips! I hate packing!

    Lindsey Turner

  4. i LOVE to travel. Have a blast!!!! :)

    love, polly