Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma Tornados - May 22, 2013

Day 3:

I almost forgot what day I was on with my blog posts, only to realize day three is just ending. It already feels as if it has been a week or more. It's hard to keep track when there are always things to do at every hour of the day.

Moving on.

Today I woke up early to run a few errands for Charley and his family. I then met up with a few members of the Earth Rebirth organization of OU. Earth Rebirth is an environmental organization that educates the public and university on the environment's issues through numerous programs. Their slogan "Dream big, Act bigger" could not be more appropriate than now with the rebuilding of Moore and the rest of Oklahoma.

With slogan in mind we took our first step. Today was the day; we were getting into Moore. We were determined to get into the heart of the destructed area and get a personal feel of what was going on. Due to many areas still considered hazardous, and other obstacles, we had to drive for what felt forever. What would normally be a 15-20min ride ended up taking over and hour.  We ended up parking in the realms of a volunteer setup and walking the rest of the way in. We really had no clear way of getting in but when we did we knew it...

Every thing was deformed. It looked as if someone used a giant cheese grater on all the buildings. It was overwhelming to take in the whole scene. You were looking at it, but it still felt surreal. I was personally at lost for words.. so to help me explain the scene accurately I uploaded some photos below. Because a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

The Earth Rebirth members are planning to drive into Moore (or as close as we can get) again and begin to take action. If you are not from the area or cannot assist ER with manual labor please look into purchasing a relief hygiene kit through Earth Rebirth. Links are posted below to their website and Facebook page that retain more detailed information.

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