Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oklahoma Tornados - May 25 & 26, 2013

Day 6: May 25, 2013

Yesterday (May 25) was an extremely successful day! We went back up to Shawnee, Oklahoma, and got out hands dirty, as well as the rest of our bodies. We focused on one specific family and their house. The house was partially left standing after the tornado blew through last Sunday, but was hazardous so they had to knock it the rest of the way down. After doing so, this is where we came in, volunteers sorted through the tangled mess and conjured piles of wood, metal, and memorabilia. While doing so the woman that owned the house came up and personally thanked us; more than once. During a break I went and talked to her and she informed me of how everything happened.

The family was not in the house but elsewhere because they knew it was not stable enough to withstand the tornado. But to her it didn't matter, it was "just stuff." I could tell she meant it. She was just happy to have her family, and so grateful of all the support within the community. She kept complimenting us and the numerous other volunteers. I repaid the comments with acknowledgment of how strong she was being, which is 100% true. Her presence and aura glowed with the fact that she knew she was going to be okay. It was inspiring as well as motivating.

We continued our work, but shortly the sun started to beat us down causing to tire quickly. We decided to call it a day and plan to resume Monday, same time same place.

Day 7: May 26, 2013

This morning I was assigned for an 8am shift at OU residential services to assist with the displaced families. There was little to no action besides a mom coming for some extra bins to retain objects they greatly received at an earlier time.. So nothing too exciting.

But what I do have for you are a few links where you can purchase different tshirts supporting the Oklahoma tornado relief efforts!!

There are a total of four different shirts I found, two of which share the same link. Check'em out!

1. Tri-University T-Shirt

2. Hopelahoma and OK Strong T-Shirt

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